Weight loss

breaking weight loss plateau…

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You’ve been on a weight loss streak…shedding the pounds like there’s no tomorrow…

And then all of a sudden, the scale stops moving

You go back to the “book” to see what you could be doing wrong…

Unfortunately, you don’t seem to crack it!

You may have heard of the phrase “weight loss plateau” before…

Maybe you’ve even experienced one, or you may be staring one in the face right now!

Basically, after experiencing success, a plateau typically occurs where progress stalls or stops altogether.

The most common example of a weight loss plateau usually occurs somewhere in the neighborhood of 6 weeks to 6 months after your weight loss party kicked off.

However, progress can plateau in virtually any domain of health and fitness–such as muscle and strength gain. As a matter of fact, some of these very same lessons can apply to other areas of life.

When it comes to a weight loss plateau, there are several contributors…

And here are some of the most probable culprits:

  • Failure to adjust–as you lose weight, you burn fewer and fewer calories. Over time, you have to adjust how much you eat and/or exercise, if you want to keep losing weight.

In other words, what got you where you are right now may not be the winning magic in getting you where you want to be.

Arbitrarily speaking, a weight loss program that once resulted in a 500 calorie loss may now only be shedding around 250 calories…

And yes…you’d still be making progress, but it wouldn’t be nearly as quickly.

  • You’re not being honest–that may seem a bit harsh, but it’s true. In fact, it’s the biggest reason why people stall out. This happens in both real world practice and research.

People under-report how much they eat, and over-estimate how much they move.

Even worse, they tend to be more self-forgiving–if not lazy–over time. A few extra bites here…a couple missed workouts there. All these things add up!

  • Your body is secretly working against you–there’s no question your body will fight even your staunchiest efforts to lose weight; it’s hard-wired to do so.

The science community calls it “adaptive thermogenesis“, but ordinary folks call it metabolic adaptation.

Most people have experienced seemingly insatiable hunger and cravings–that’s part of it.

What many don’t recognize, however, is that this process also increases efficiency. Even when you don’t know it, your brain is telling your body to move less spontaneously.

In other words, your body fights to conserve calories, while your brain drives you to eat more.

The point is to be aware of what you’re doing and/or not doing differently now that you were or weren’t doing when you were reporting success.

It’s time to take stock and evaluate your weight loss efforts against the foregoing list of acts of omission and commission

And you might be in for a huge pleasant surprise when you get yourself going again.

Screeching to a standstill in your weight loss efforts is an incredibly common phenomenon

And I urge you to share this piece widely just in case someone is stuck…

To help unlock them for a leaner, healthier, happier world.

My profound gratitude for your patronage.

Don’t tune off…