Paleo vs Keto

Paleo vs. Keto: What’s the Real Difference?

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These 2 types of diet have seen their popularity skyrocket in recent years…

And understanding the difference will enable you make an informed choice…

Because they’re quite different, even though most people may not have a good appreciation of the differences.

You see, a paleo diet has no specific macro-nutrient ratios that you’re striving for as a goal…

It’s more of a framework of eating healthy by choosing foods that have the longest history of human consumption from the hunter-gatherer times–meat, fish, eggs, nuts, roots, veggies…

While minimizing foods like grains, vegetables oils, sugar, and legumes that humans only started eating large amounts of after the agricultural revolution.

So, a paleo diet could actually be either high-carb or low-carb, depending on personal food choices.

It could also be high in foods like meat and fish, or even low in meat and fish, but based almost entirely around fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and roots.

The macro-nutrient ratios of protein, carbs, and fat can vary widely in a paleo diet as there is no exact ratio.

On the other hand, a keto diet (aka ketogenic diet) is extremely high in fat…extremely low in carbs…and moderate in protein.

A general macro-nutrient ratio recommended in a keto diet is around 70-80% of calories from fat, 15-20% from protein, and less than 5% from carbs.

The general goal of keto is to train your body to run exclusively on fats instead of being a carbs-burner.

A keto diet tends to be a much more strict type of diet because partakers are aiming for very specific macro-nutrient ratios…and very little carbs if any at all…

Whereas, a paleo diet can range anywhere from low-carb to high-carb depending on individual’s goals.

Many people find a keto diet very satisfying due to high fat content. So they report no cravings at all, and they find fat loss to be pretty easy.

Strict ketogenic diets are also being used in medical research to help control cancer and even shrink tumors…

Since frequent high blood sugar feeds cancer cells.

So, running your body on fat and keeping very low blood sugar levels can essentially starve cancer cells over time.

However, it’s just one tool in the fight against cancer, and not an ultimate cure by any means!

So it should be used in combination with other treatments–whether one chooses conventional or alternative treatments.

There is plenty of evidence showing keto diets help to reverse type 2 diabetes

And there is even on-going research into the benefits of keto in helping slow or reverse Alzheimer’s as well.

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