liquor and your cells’ health…

It’s no science fiction, but now…a medical fact…

That certain liquors will revitalize your cells!

As strange as it sounds, science now shows that some alcoholic drinks contain one of the most powerful compounds ever known to man for feeling younger–almost like age-reversing.

And I’m not talking about the alcohol content…neither am I suggesting you start drinking hard liquor everyday–far from it!

But it’s simply science at work…that has revealed how this compound from certain kinds of liquor can make your cells healthier and younger.

In real life studies, men and women with mood disorders, oxidative stress, fatigue, and insomnia, achieved better sleep…

Amateur triathletes had less muscle cramps and pains…

And men suffering from “dys-vigor” even had better erections.

Some of these drinks may provide answers to some of the most pressing questions you’ve been asking yourself:

  • How do I keep my joints feeling young and limber?
  • How do I keep my body strong and my memory sharper?
  • How can I enjoy the same energy I had as a youngster?
  • How can I sleep more soundly?

And believe you…me, it can be frustrating and scary to find yourself stuck in inertia…

Wondering if there’s anything you can do to feel young, energized and healthy one more time.


There’s something that gets added during the creation of some of these drinks that could quickly help improve the health of the human body.

For decades, scientists completely missed this breakthrough. But thanks to groundbreaking research by the joint efforts of scientists in Italy and the United Kingdom, we may now have the answer!

Scientists found the answer to revitalizing your body right down to the cellular level

And the secret is hidden within certain types of liquor.

When certain kinds of hard liquor are created, they’re aged in oak barrels

And as the days and weeks tick by, the liquor soaks in these oak barrels and absorbs some of the chemicals from the wood.

This is a natural process that gives some liquors their distinctive flavor…

But that’s not all…

The liquor also absorbs other chemicals from the oak barrels, including very exciting chemicals called roburins.

Some scientists believe Roburins do something very specific in your body. They help keep your mitochondria healthy.

You might have heard of mitochondria before. They’re tiny organelles inside every single one of your cells.

But even though mitochondria are microscopic, they’re crucial for your good health…

And they need to replicate perfectly for you to feel young.

Unfortunately, over time, your mitochondria slow down their replication

And as a result, you feel more tired

More run down.

Your mitochondria create energy for all your cells. In fact, almost all the energy in your body comes from your mitochondria.

If you’re feeling more tired than you used to…or need to take a nap every afternoon just to get through the day…

This likely means your mitochondria aren’t replicating as fast as they should.

And you can’t feel young without a steady stream of all-day energy…

The good news is that you can do something about it!

The key is to keep your mitochondria replicating quickly, just like when you were younger.

And it turns out, your body has a natural way to do just that!

Some scientists believe roburins may help trigger your cells to make brand-new mitochondria.

This has been shown in preliminary research on C. elegans.

If the same mechanism holds true for humans, then that means roburins could help your body start replacing your old mitochondria with youthful ones.

This process is called Mitochondrial Biogenesis.

You don’t need to memorize the term–just understand this is what could happen when you ingest roburins…

They may help trigger the mitochondria to regenerate younger.

And once the scientists realized the roburins came from the oak tree barrels, they went straight to the source in France–the Quercus robur wood.

Many ancient civilizations–from the Greeks to the Celtic Druids, have known about the health-promoting properties of this special tree.

Scientists have managed to extract these special roburins from the tree and concentrate them in several scientific studies…

In one non-placebo controlled study, men and women who had trouble sleeping, high oxidative stress, were fatigued, and had problems with their mood, reported getting better sleep and feeling more rested.

In another non-placebo controlled study on men complaining of “dys-vigor“, roburins increased their energy, and…

The men reported stronger erections.

The special roburins even work for triathletes!

A placebo controlled study found that when amateur triathletes used roburins the day after their exhausting performance, they felt less muscle cramping and pain.

With all that said, does this mean you should guzzle glass after glass of scotch?

No…not at all!

In their groundbreaking paper, the scientists admitted the absorption levels of roburins from alcohol are very low...

But did not stop there!

Instead, they played clever…

And extracted the roburins right from the Quercus robur wood found in France…

And developed a formula called Robuvit.

Robuvit does a fantastic job in keeping your mitochondria young and surging with energy.

But that’s just the first part of feeling younger in every part of your body…

Because the complete formula is in 3 parts…

Which have been blended into a single pill.

The formula contains a substance heavily researched by Ivy League Universities

And this means it’s in a completely different category than a cheap vitamin blend.

It helps to keep your cells young, thereby aging in reverse, even as the conventional clock ticks forward.

You see, your body cells are powered by mitochondria.

When you’re young, your mitochondria replicate quickly. But as you age, the replication slows down. This is why you age.

You have a special process in the body that triggers your mitochondria to rebuild and replicate quicker. This process is believed to be activated by chemicals called roburins.

These roburins come from a certain tree, but it’s now possible to get a concentrated extract from this tree, rich in roburins.

When a group of researchers tested this special roburins extract in separate studies, the volunteers who took it reported…

  • Better sleep
  • Less muscle cramping and pain, and even
  • Better erections

Clearly, Roburins alone will keep your mitochondria replicating in a healthy way…

But again, you want to keep them full of energy.

Unfortunately, this gets more and more difficult as you age. That’s because, over time, your body gets ravaged by free radicals.

A good example of free radical damage is manifest whenever you bite an apple and put it down for a while, you can see the fruit turning brown and mushy.

You may have also felt the frustration of getting a scrape on your car and watching the exposed metal start to rust.

That’s all because of free radical damage.

But your body has a natural defense against free radical damage–an enzyme called CoQ10.

Science shows the higher your CoQ10, the lower your free radical damage.

And a study on people with serious heart concerns showed that taking CoQ10 raises the body’s natural free radical defenses!

When this happens, the entire body–and even the mind–gets healthier.

A study on people with diabetes showed CoQ10 improved blood pressure.

Another study on people with diabetes showed CoQ10 improved triglycerides.

Numerous studies show CoQ10 is great for heart health overall…

And the reason is simple…

Like every other part of your body, your heart is full of energy-producing mitochondria. When they have more energy, your heart can beat strong!

It’s that simple!

But now, scientists are asking another valid question: “Can CoQ10 extend life?”

A study on animals shows it indeed does!

When scientists gave CoQ10 to rats, it extended their maximum lifespan by 24%.

What about humans?

And that’s where things get even more fascinating…

In Sweden, scientists performed a double-blind, placebo-controlled study and a follow-up that should have made global news.

They recruited 443 Swedish men and women with an average age of 78.

For 5 years, the scientists gave half the group a daily dose of CoQ10 and a mineral called selenium.

The other half got a placebo–a mere sugar pill.

The study was a run away success, showing the combination of CoQ10 and selenium is fantastic for heart health

But what happened next was even more mind-blasting!

After the 5-year study was finished, the scientists decided to follow up with the participants over the next 10 years.

When the follow-up began, the participants were, on average, 83 years old.

The scientists discovered that the lucky men and women who had taken CoQ10 and selenium…had a lower cardiovascular mortality rate.

Now, if you consider all the scientific evidence, it’s clearly a good idea to take CoQ10 and selenium.

But there’s a problem with that…

CoQ10 molecules are usually found in the form of crystals and are difficult for your cells to absorb.

However, modern science has engineered a way to get the life-giving CoQ10 straight into your cells’ mitochondria, where it’s needed.

A clinical study showed this super CoQ10 absorbs into the cells up to 270% better.

And it has been included in the formula.

You’ll get the same combination as the Swedish study participants…

With Robuvit to help support your mitochondria…

And CoQ10 together with selenium to help maintain healthy blood pressure and triglycerides.

Finally, this formula was given one last upgrade to keep your DNA healthy and young.

As you may know, DNA strands are like the blueprint for the body…

DNA Strands

And they have special “caps” at the end of each strand to keep it young and healthy–sort of like shoelaces have little plastic caps to keep them from fraying.

These little caps protect the DNA and keep it perfectly healthy, no matter how many times it replicates.

These caps are called telomeres

And when they are long and healthy, your DNA stays protected.

When your telomeres get shorter, your DNA gets worn out.

However, the telomeres get shorter over time, anyway!

That’s why, as the years slide by, you feel older.

Scientifically speaking, your shrinking telomeres are the reason you get older…

Because when the telomeres shrink, they don’t protect your DNA strands as much. Consequently, your cells don’t replicate perfectly.


Not all scientists agree on telomeres and the results you’re about to see are preliminary.

A brilliant scientist named Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn discovered an enzyme in the human body that keeps telomere caps long and healthy.

This discovery was so profound, she won the Nobel Prize in medicine.

This is because, if you can keep your telomeres long and healthy, your DNA strands can stay protected…and your cells can replace themselves perfectly…

Helping you feel young, pain-free, energized all day, and have the same perfect health as a young person, irrespective of your age!

All thanks to this one enzyme.

So, how can you activate this telomerase enzyme?

Studies show vitamin D levels are directly connected to long telomeres…

Plus, a study showed that higher vitamin D levels have a bearing on longer telomeres…

But the research isn’t conclusive.

However, all the compounds mentioned herein, combine forces to keep your cell mitochondria healthy…

So you can relish the fun of adventure worry-free…

Because the scientific truth is, when you keep your mitochondria healthy, time may pass, but your body gets to feel young!

And amazing things continue to happen to you–thanks to this groundbreaking formula.


Get out of the crossroads and into action…

Because if you do nothing, your well-being and aging process will accelerate down the slippery slide!

I’m sure you don’t want this for yourself or a loved one, hence the more compelling reason you should start using the powerhouse ingredients…

To keep your mitochondria firing on all cylinders

And your energy levels raging like a river!

This will guarantee you healthy and young mind and body…

Plus, better triglycerides, optimal blood pressure, quality sleep…

No more muscle cramping and pain…

And if you’re a man, your romantic life will get rekindled.

It’s like pressing the pause button on your aging!

Robuvit Supersmart is made in a certified GMP facility in the US…and it’s non-GMO.

It’s a quantum leap ahead, and its components are specifically designed to support your mitochondria so you may feel and stay young into old age!

The best part?

You risk nothing when you try Robuvit Supersmart

Because your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed…

Such that if you don’t get the promised results…

All you do is to contact the service team at Supersmart for a full refund of all your investment…

No questions…no fine print!

That said…

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