Olive oil

Mystery Oil that Stops Strokes in their Tracks

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When you’ve put on a few too many pounds, it seems everyone turns into a nag…

Getting obsessed with losing weight as if you can magically melt it off with sheer willpower!

Losing weight takes more than willpower…

And there is a different approach you can adopt to cut one of the deadliest risks…even if your weight remains adamantly high.

This approach will help you avoid a stroke even if you’re obese.

Being obese will increase your risk of an ischemic stroke by a stunning 64%, and the risk of a hemorrhagic stroke by 24%.

So, even if you want to lose weight–and even if you plan to try as you should–you need to do something right now about those risks…or you may not even get the chance to lose the weight.

You need to make the mystery oil I’m about to reveal…your cooking companion.

And the mystery oil is: Olive oil.

New research finds that obese people who use olive oil at least once a week show a dramatic drop in platelet activation

Which means those platelets are much less likely to form clots…

And a lower risk of clots means a lower risk of stroke.

This is of course encouraging news for some of the people with the highest risk of a stroke.

But the harsh reality is…

If you’re obese, all the olive oil in the Mediterranean won’t save you completely from stroke, heart attack, heart failure, diabetes, multiple forms of cancer and much more.

The good news is…there are 2 natural therapies that can work together to help you rapidly burn off fat…

They are called Garcinia Mangostana and Sphaeranthus Indicus.

The names may not quite roll off the tongue smoothly, but they will burn the fat right off your belly like an incinerator.

In fact, in one study, they combined to triple weight loss!

And these weren’t folks asked to starve–far from it!

They were allowed to eat a full 2,000 calories per day. They didn’t have to sweat and strain, either…

They were just asked to walk about half an hour a day…yet, they lost incredible amounts of weight!

Each of the super nutrients is available as a supplement…and a good diet will contain both.

Combine them with the basics of the Mediterranean lifestyle, including plenty of that olive oil…

And you’ll lose weight as if you’re melting butter on a furnace. This will cut all of your heart health related risks to near zero…

And happen to life all over again…without a shred of worry.

And when you decide to supplement, don’t just jump at anything being dangled before your eyes out there!

Beware of fakes lurking in the back waters of the web!

Instead, try to get your hands on clinically proven and top-rated options…

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To your leaner self and robust heart health.