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Keep Nitric Oxide Deficiency At Bay…

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It’s in a league of its own…

Playing second to none!

Your doctor may not have told you about it…

But it’s never too late…

Because right now…you’re in the right place…for cutting-edge knowledge about this health marvel.

Nitric oxide boosts your energy and stamina…

It promotes healthy circulation and sharpens your memory…

It also enhances sexual performance and normalizes blood pressure.

It’s no wonder, three U.S. scientists earned the Nobel Prize for discovering this miracle molecule.

But there’s a problem you may not be aware of…

The typical way people try to raise their nitric oxide levels simply doesn’t work!

A new discovery is changing all that. Not only does it work incredibly well to increase nitric oxide, it works fast.

MIT scientists say this breakthrough discovery makes nitric oxide levels jump 200% in just 20 minutes!

As a result, more people than ever before–even those in their 80s or 90s–are enjoying vibrant energy and robust health…and acting like “youngsters” again…

It’s the secret to a steel-trap memory, endless energy, and healthy blood presssure.

When your body produces plenty of nitric oxide, it does many incredible things for your health. For example, it…

  • Tells arteries to relax so they open wider for blood to flow freely, promoting healthy blood pressure and slashing your heart risks
  • Fuels your body with a long-lasting energy surge, boosting your stamina and performance
  • Wakes up your brain to send and receive signals more quickly, so you can think faster on your feet and feel more alert
  • Boosts the formation of bone while slowing down bone breakdown, so your bones can stay strong and healthy
  • Promotes healthy cholesterol levels to keep your arteries clear and support heart health
  • Signals your immune system to kill bacteria, viruses, and other dangerous invaders
  • Lifts your mood and sense of well-being, so you can get more joy out of life
  • Allows your muscles and joints to recover faster, so you can keep active and move more freely
  • Enhances blood flow to your sexual organs, so you can maintain a firm erection if you’re a man, or enjoy greater arousal and pleasure if you’re a woman!

Clearly, you can see how having plenty of nitric oxide is so crucial and life-enhancing.

Thanks to nitric oxide, you get more oxygen and nutrient-rich blood flowing through your body. And that helps keep every cell, muscle, organ, and tissue in your body functioning at its peak…just like in your younger days!

And it’s really quite simple…

The more your body produces, the younger you feel and perform!

The problem is, you may not be getting these crucial health benefits…

Because your body is likely producing a fraction of the nitric oxide it made when you were younger.

In your 20s, your nitric oxide levels are at their peak. But when you hit 40s, they’re at just 50% of the peak. In your 50s, they’re down to 35%. And in your 60s, they’re down to a measly 15%— a mere fraction of where they were in your younger days!

As a result, blood doesn’t flow as freely and your body becomes starved of vital oxygen and nutrients. This may explain why you’re noticing more forgetfulness, frequent illness, or more fatigue.

It may also be why you may be experiencing more joint aches and stiffness…more bone loss…or more concerns about your blood pressure.

That’s why the best strategy is to correct any nitric oxide deficiency you may be suffering from as quickly as possible…before your problems get worse.

There are many reasons why your body produces less nitric oxide as you age. It all starts with your endothelium.

The endothelium lines the inside of all your blood vessels…right from the largest coronary arteries of your heart to the tiniest of capillaries.

This thin, fragile lining is crucial for delivering vital oxygen and nutrients from your bloodstream to your tissues. It’s also where nitric oxide is produced–in order to keep your body young and healthy.

As soon as nitric oxide is produced in the endothelium, it signals the muscles of your arteries to relax. This is what you want to happen, since it causes the widening that increases blood flow.

When your endothelium is young and healthy, you enjoy a steady current of nutrient-and-oxygen-rich blood circulating to every nook and cranny of your body. And you get to enjoy all the wonderful benefits of increased nitric oxide.

But when it’s older and not as healthy, your nitric oxide levels start to plummet. If you don’t get enough vigorous exercise, they drop even further.

That’s not all…

Using mouthwash regularly can decrease nitric oxide. That’s because it kills the good bacteria that play a role in producing this miracle molecule.

And taking acid blockers for indigestion or an upset stomach can stop your body from producing nitric oxide completely.

It’s no wonder your nitric oxide levels may be hitting rock-bottom…and making you feel “old” ahead of your time. And the problem could be getting worse with each passing day.

But now, you can do something about it!

Many people mistakenly think they can take an amino acid called I-arginine to increase their nitric oxide levels. The problem is, your body can’t convert I-arginine into nitric oxide as easily as it did when you were younger. So it often has little effect on your nitric oxide levels.

Your digestive system also has a harder time converting the I-arginine you get from food into nitric oxide once you hit 45.

So you can eat all the spinach, kale, watermelon, and other nitric oxide-rich foods you can get and still not see a difference.

So, if taking I-arginine or eating certain foods won’t work to boost your nitric oxide levels, what will?

The answer is a little-known but completely safe amino acid.

Like I-arginine, this amino acid converts to nitric oxide inside your body. However, studies show it does so faster and more easily than I-arginine does–especially if you’re in your 60s and beyond.

And this amino acid is…

L-citrulline (pronounced as L-sit-true-lean)

Because L-citrulline travels through different pathways in your body, it’s used more efficiently than I-arginine to produce nitric oxide. So it gives you more circulation and energy-enhancing boost.

But as good as L-citrulline is at increasing nitric oxide, it does other wonderful things for your health…

It supports heart health and boosts your energy. It even promotes sharper memory and thinking, and revs up your sexual performance.

What’s more, a growing body of research suggests L-citrulline can have a significant effect on promoting healthy blood pressure levels.

In one study, researchers looked at L-citrulline’s effects on men and women in their 50s with blood pressure concerns.

After measuring the participants’ blood pressure levels, they gave each of them either L-citrulline or a placebo to take daily.

Six weeks later, the researchers measured everyone’s blood pressure again. Amazingly, they found that all of the people taking L-citrulline saw their blood pressure levels drop.

Another study found a similar result, too. People taking L-citrulline saw a dramatic improvement in both their systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

And yet another study found this powerful amino acid helped people ease stiff arteries and protect their hearts after exercise.

You can see how L-citrulline can provide dramatic benefits for your heart and blood pressure…

Because it quickly and easily raises nitric oxide levels in your body. But here’s a nice bonus: This same action can have an amazing effect on your sexual performance!

One recent study using L-citrulline looked at men suffering from erectile dysfunction. All of the men ranging from age 40-60s were given a placebo to take daily for one month. The men were then given L-citrulline to take daily the next month.

During both months, the men were told to record how hard their erections were and how often they had intercourse. Not surprisingly, during the month they took the placebo, the men recorded barely any increase in intercourse or erection hardness.

But during the month they took L-citrulline, the results were nothing short of jaw-dropping…

Their erection hardness scores jumped by as much as 50%. And their intercourse frequency nearly doubled. All because of taking this safe, natural amino acid.

And it gets even better…

Because there’s another powerful secret to increased stamina, energy, and brainpower!

Olympic athletes know about it…

Researchers at top universities around the globe know about it!

And now…thousands of everyday folks like you are finding out about it, too.

The secret is a super-food nutrient called beet root powder.

Elite athletes and regular health-conscious folks alike are adding it to juices and smoothies so they can enjoy “Olympic-like” performance each day.

Beet root powder can have an extraordinary effect no matter what shape you’re in now!

Researchers at the University of Exeter in England gave a group of men juice made from beet root powder to drink daily for 6 days. They then put them through a series of tests, including riding a bike.

The researchers repeated the same test with a placebo later. They found those who consumed the beet juice needed less oxygen while exercising. As a result, they had more stamina and were able to exercise longer!

But that’s not all…

According to a brand-new study from Wake Forest University, consuming beet root powder before any activity like walking can make your brain work better. That’s because it increases nitric oxide and gets more oxygen to your brain.

Not only does this help you think more clearly, you enjoy better “connectivity“. This means your brain cells are able to send and receive messages more efficiently. So your brain performs like it did when you were decades younger!

Beet root powder also contains a naturally-occurring compound that converts easily to nitric oxide in your body. So it’s able to open up your blood vessels and increase blood flow, sending your energy levels soaring.

To get the greatest benefits, you want to take a concentrated beet root powder extract. Otherwise, you’d have to boil or roast beets and eat them multiple times a day.

Sources of nitric oxide are never in short supply…

There’s a powerful antioxidant-rich berry you might find growing in the woods or even along the fence bordering your yard.

It’s small and red, and was used for centuries by traditional healers as a remedy for heart problems.

It’s called Hawthorn berry and it’s a rich source of health-boosting flavonoids. These antioxidant-like compounds help open up your arteries to stimulate blood flow and promote healthy blood pressure.

Just on its own, Hawthorn berry can enhance circulation and bring dramatic benefits to your heart and entire body. But it also does something that’s really incredible…

It helps your body absorb significantly more L-citrulline and beet root powder when you take these nutrients together. So you’re able to raise your body’s nitric oxide production even higher…while boosting circulation and supporting your heart health!

But even with all these nutrients, there’s still one more thing you need to do to flood your body with plenty of nitric oxide…

And as powerful as these nitric oxide-boosting nutrients are, you won’t enjoy their greatest effects if you take them in a pill or capsule.

That’s because a few years back, MIT scientists made a surprising discovery…

They found that in order to make nitric oxide, your body requires the saliva and “good” bacteria found in your mouth.

That’s right! The most important step in nitric oxide production happens in your mouth!

So that’s where you want these nutrients to go to work. If you take them in a pill or capsule, they’ll go straight into your stomach–and skip this step completely.

This challenge inspired top PhD scientists to find a solution. They turned this new nitric oxide discovery into something that could be used in a supplement.

The result is a patented delivery system that uses a quick- dissolving powder you put on your tongue. You just let it melt in your mouth…it has a pleasant citrusy taste to it–similar to chewable vitamin C.

As it dissolves or breaks down and interacts with the saliva in your mouth, it delivers a powerful, fast-acting boost of nitric oxide to your body…and you start to notice its effects in just minutes.

This new breakthrough supplement is called Snap…and it’s scientifically proven to boost nitric oxide levels.

It contains:

  • L-citrulline–to support healthy blood pressure, promote sharper memory and focus, and rev up your sexual performance
  • Beet root powder–to boost your energy and endurance, plus help you walk longer and think more quickly and clearly on your feet
  • Hawthorn berry—to increase blood flow, support healthy circulation, and help you get more benefits from L-citrulline and beet root powder
  • Vitamin B12–your cells need B12 to increase nitric oxide levels…and your brain, nerves, and muscles need it to work
  • Vitamin C–this powerful antioxidant is necessary for boosting nitric oxide because it stimulates the activity of an enzyme vital for producing it in your body
  • Magnesium–about 80% of us are deficient in this vital mineral, yet we need it to relax our arterial muscles for blood to move more freely. It also promotes healthy heart rhythm and keeps calcium from building up in your joints, brain, and heart.

Together, this combination of nutrients delivers the nitric oxide your body is crying out for!

Snap is a Godsend for anyone over 40 due to the health-restoring benefits it offers:

  • Picture-perfect blood pressure
  • Raging energy, stamina, and endurance
  • Supple joints
  • High-octane brainpower ad razor-sharp memory
  • Toe-curling sexual performance
  • Calm mood and high spirits, and…
  • Supercharged immune system defenses to fight off invaders.

Snap is a game-changer in its own league…

It’s manufactured in a pristine, GMP-certified facility in the U.S…

And all batches undergo rigorous disintegration test in conformity to USP guidelines to ensure proper breakdown and absorption in the mouth and stomach…

Its quality, potency, and dosage accuracy are guaranteed…with each bottle sealed to preserve freshness…

The manufacture and expiration dates are clearly marked on the label.

All these are to ensure you get the best nitric oxide production-boosting formula there’s on God’s green earth.

So, please don’t wait any longer…

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