How to maintain healthy blood sugar levels

reverse type 2 diabetes naturally…

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Dear Esteemed Reader,

You may have noticed an increased frequency in the publication of blood sugar related articles on this site lately…

It’s not by default, but an absolutely deliberate attempt…

To keep you on toes in dealing with this menacing health condition…

So you don’t lose momentum in taking back the reins of your health…or that of a loved one…

And break the shackles that have relentlessly entangled you for ages due to bombardment with not-so-accurate information by self-promoting actors in the health sector…

With a deeply vested profiteering agenda, which compels them to go to any depth and length to keep some proven truth from your reach!

This is because…discovering this truth will swing shut their financial floodgates. Take a deeper dive to unravel the conspiracies…

Because science has finally confirmed that type 2 diabetes can be reversed…100% naturally–no drugs, no injections…even if you’re overweight.

The research and news about diabetes is quite exciting because if you’ve diabetes, you can’t afford to get “comfortable” in how you’re living.

You see, with diabetes, you can never get complacent…you can’t let your guard down…

Multiple health concerns can attack you at any time, leading to life-threatening conditions and complications…

Not to mention the consequent financial burden and ruins, not only on yourself, but on your loved ones as well.

Diabetes creates the right environment for multiple health complications to kick in, including the following:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Nerve damage (neuropathy)
  • Tooth loss and other oral diseases
  • Eye damage (retinopathy)
  • Kidney damage (nephropathy)
  • Foot damage (ulcers)
  • Tinnitus and hearing impairment
  • Skin conditions–rashes, itching, growths
  • Alzheimer’s…

Ultimately, the disease becomes irreversible, and certainly, fatal.

Your doctors might be sugarcoating everything they tell you about diabetes…that it can be managed with medications

Unfortunately, it can’t, but they’ll aggressively push that narrative because diabetes is a cash cow for the big pharma

It’s a huge money-making machine…

But as it turns out, taking their prescription drugs doesn’t address the underlying causes of unstable blood sugar…

At best, it masks the symptoms, while the problem keeps snowballing…

And once the pills plateau (and for sure, they will), you’ll need insulin injections when you cross over into full-blown diabetes.

So your chances of being cured by the conventional medical system are slim to none!

But don’t throw in the towel yet…not so fast!

Because there’s a natural method tested and proven by science to reverse type 2 diabetes.

To achieve this feat, you don’t have to burn all the fat in your body…

You just have to lose enough to attain what Dr. Roy Taylor calls your “Personal Fat Threshold“.

According to Dr. Roy Taylor, your personal fat threshold is the magical tipping point where your pancreas starts to pump out the hormone insulin normally again, after getting unclogged of all that stubborn fat…

Which is essential for keeping your blood sugar levels under control.

In type 2 diabetes, your body can’t use the insulin properly— a condition called insulin resistance.

At first, the pancreas makes extra insulin to keep up with rising glucose in the blood. But, over time, the situation gets out of control because the problem isn’t insulin shortage, but resistance.

The rising blood sugar converts into fat, which in turn clogs the pancreas, rendering it unable to produce enough insulin in the first place.

At this point in time, two things must happen to get you back to normal health once again…

The cells must be triggered to take in insulin once more…

And the pancreas must get unclogged by losing the specific fat lodged in it. So it’s not just losing any fat!

According to Professor Roy Taylor, for people with type 2 diabetes, losing weight allows them to drain excess fat out of the pancreas and allow it to function normally.

So, if you’re wondering how much weight you need to lose to reverse your diabetes, the answer is “As low as One gram”. But, there is a catch…

That gram needs to be fat from the pancreas!

The million dollar question becomes, “How do you do that?”

There are great diet plans out there, but they’re practically too difficult to implement in real life…

Because they demand near superhuman commitment…for life.

They’re just too strict!

But that notwithstanding, you still need a super-food program to lose that one gram that could turn the tables in your favor.

The super-foods will:

  • Help you lose targeted fat in your pancreas
  • Start normalizing your blood sugar
  • melt away the insulin resistance
  • Reverse those nagging diabetes complications

And what are these super-foods?

First, you can rubbish the idea that diabetes super-foods are the types that you won’t like–foods that are snobbish or difficult to get!

For example, think of coffee

It’s an incredible diabetes reversal food!

In multiple studies, 4 cups of coffee a day have proven to cut the risk of diabetes by as much as 56%!

What about butter?

In addition to other healthy oils and fats, butter supplies your body with essential fatty acids it needs to stabilize your blood sugar.

In other words, it’s totally fine to consume fat–in the form of butter as a preferred choice.

And when you indulge the proven diabetes-reversing powerhouse–the avocados

You turn your diabetic condition on its head!

Loaded with oleic fat, not only do avocados stabilize blood sugar, their healthy fat content makes you feel full longer, as well as making your cravings for junk foods disappear.

The list of super-foods is lengthy…

And you can go the full hog by checking out a much more comprehensive resource on the link below, which will also enrich your blood sugar knowledge a great deal: