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The Mighty Vitamin C and Your Immune System

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Linus Pauling knew better…

When he declared Vitamin C a super power for preventing and defeating colds and flu…

And many other medical scientists have followed suit…

To endorse his declaration.

There is no question about it…

Vitamin C is a very potent antioxidant that protects against free radicals that can lower your immunity and increase your risk of chronic disease, as well as accelerate the aging process.

And yes…

Vitamin C helps the immune system protect us against viral infections much more efficiently…

It does this by strengthening the innate immune system, which is our first line of defense against bacteria and viruses–especially those that we have never encountered before.

Furthermore, vitamin C activates the adaptive immune system responses to increase levels of antibodies, which attack specific types of germs, bacteria, and viruses the body has previously combated.

One of the tell-tale signs of vitamin C deficiency is a compromised immune system.

A study in Switzerland found that getting adequate levels of vitamin C can help reduce the symptoms and duration of respiratory infections like common colds, bronchitis, or sinusitis.

And when combined with zinc…

It can also prevent or improve recoveries from pneumonia, malaria, and diarrhea infections.

The most compelling evidence, yet, of vitamin C’s ability to fight respiratory infections comes from a large study of 29 randomized trials that involved more than 11,000 participants.

Researchers found that active athletes who exercised in cold weather cut their risk of respiratory infections in half by taking only 200mg of vitamin C a day.

Taking just 200mg of vitamin C per day also reduced the duration of the cold and flu symptoms significantly, helping people resume normalcy pretty fast.

Vitamin C is also effective at both preventing cancer cells and inhibiting their spread.

Better yet…

A study from Finland showed vitamin C’s ability to help prevent heart disease…

People who took 700mg of vitamin C a day had a 25% lower chance of developing heart disease.

It was also found to lower levels of both triglycerides and LDL (bad) cholesterol.

But flipping the script, there is bad news…

Humans cannot create vitamin C in their bodies. We must get it from diets and supplementation!

It’s also water-soluble, meaning it quickly and easily flushes out of the body.

So, if you want to reap the optimal benefits of vitamin C, you need to consume it daily, and not just when you feel unwell.

And while high doses of vitamin C may be effective in dealing with related health issues, most of the vitamin C over 400mg is likely to get washed out through urine.

High doses of vitamin C work best in split doses throughout the day, otherwise, it may lead to digestive upset and diarrhea.

A recent study published in Seminars in Preventive and Alternative Medicine looked at over 100 studies and found a burgeoning list of vitamin C health benefits, including:

  • Protecting against heart disease, high blood pressure, and strokes
  • Lowering bad cholesterol levels–LDL and triglycerides
  • Helping prevent cataracts and macular degeneration
  • Reducing aging by building up collagen that prevents wrinkles
  • Protecting kidneys, eyes, and blood vessels, particularly for diabetic patients
  • Enhancing the absorption of iron, thereby preventing anemia
  • Reducing histamine reactions and lessening symptoms of allergies and inflammation
  • Preventing seasickness
  • Strengthening and repairing tendons, ligaments and cartilage in the body, and…
  • Boosting brain health.

Please note that it’s dead easy to become vitamin C deficient because we don’t make it in our bodies.

Warning signs of low vitamin C include:

  • Bruising
  • Swollen or bleeding gums
  • Slow wound healing
  • Dry hair
  • Rough scaly skin
  • Nosebleeds
  • Weak immune system–frequent colds and flu
  • Digestive disorders like leaky gut and food allergies
  • High blood pressure and heart disease

Since vitamin C in foods is accompanied by a host of other healthy antioxidants and super nutrients…

It’s best to eat foods that are rich in vitamin C, including:

  • Kiwi
  • Citrus fruits–oranges and lemons
  • Peppers–especially red pepper
  • Papaya
  • Strawberries
  • Broccoli
  • Tomatoes
  • Kales
  • Guava, and…
  • Mango

Notably, it’s pretty easy to get plenty of vitamin C goodness from a wide variety of organic, brightly colored vegetables.

Bear in mind that overcooking destroys vitamin C–cook lightly or eat raw.

You can also consider supplementing to load the optimal amounts of vitamin C…

And while high doses are generally safe, it’s advisable not to exceed the upper limit of about 2,000 mg a day…

To avoid adverse digestive symptoms such as stomach upset and diarrhea.

Liposomal (or pro-liposomal) vitamin C is a brand new, highly absorbable option for high dosage.

When you take the common form of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), only about 14-30% of it actually gets absorbed into the body…

And the higher the dosage, the lower the rate of absorption.

Standard dosages of vitamin C are only about 200-1,000mg/day…

But with liposomal vitamin C, you can safely take 1000-2000mg a day, knowing it will be absorbed.

Liposomes are particular microscopic material that carries vitamin C at its core, meaning…

Their absorption doesn’t depend on vitamin C transporters, but rather on the direct fusion of the liposomes with the small intestinal cells…

Resulting in direct intracellular (inside the cells) release of the vitamin C into the bloodstream.

Liposomal vitamin C has a substantially higher rate of absorption than conventional vitamin C supplements, which further amplifies all the health benefits of vitamin C.

As you’ve seen, there are so many organic sources of vitamin C–readily available and affordable.

And so I bet…you’ve no really good reason to suffer deficiency!

Prior to this publication, you could blame ignorance…

But now, you know…

The revolutionary health benefits of vitamin C.

And the timing can never be more critical than now…

To ensure you’re vitamin C sufficient.

And in case you opt to supplement…

Wait a minute…

Don’t just jump at any out there in response to slick marketing persuasion!

Beware of fakes lurking in the back waters of the web…

Instead, go for something clinically tested and proven to deliver optimal vitamin C goodness…

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They’re top-rated options that will keep you in tip-top shape…

So you can happen to life worry-free.

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