corona virus

is CORONA-VIRUS causing hearing impairment?

You may think it’s a mosquito in the room…the persistent buzzing–you know–the one that won’t stop!

But far from it–it’s your hearing!

Now, that little steady whine, buzz, or ringing sound is a part of everyday life for millions of people with tinnitus the worldover…

And if you’ve suddenly developed the condition over the past year, there is something you need to know…

Because as it turns out, it may not just be bad luck that your ears are buzzing

It could be due to the coronavirus!

But whether you developed the condition recently, or have struggled with it for ages, there’s a way to help turn down the tone, restore your hearing and regain some sanity…all at the same time.

The Covid-19 infection is just about the nastiest, sneakiest thing we’ve witnessed in ages, and not just because of how deadly the immediate infection is…

It can do so much else to you–even long after the virus itself has been booted out of your body.

It can induce:

  • Inflammation
  • Heart problems
  • Lung, liver & kidney damage
  • Cognitive issues, among others

Then, there are the Covid long-term side effects like lingering fatigue and other ongoing chronic health problems–some with no end in sight.

Now, a new study reveals another toll: Tinnitus–the “ringing in the ears” that can drive you nuts, especially when it’s really quiet or when you’re trying to catch some sleep.

Researchers say about 15% of patients who suffer from severe Covid-19 infection develop tinnitus.

And it could be because of that very same inflammation mentioned earlier.

Once that inflammation moves up to the brain, it can damage the pathways involved in hearing–similar to how it short-circuits the sense of taste and smell, which you’ve probably heard so much about so far.

There’s no proven cure for long-term Covid symptoms, including tinnitus.

But in general, support your immune system with good quality sleep and proven nutrition. Eat a fresh diet without toxins, which can worsen inflammation…

And consider inflammation-fighting supplements, including curcumin and fish oil for all-round support.

In addition, some people with tinnitus from other more traditional causes have found that better circulation can ease, or even cure the condition, as it can restore blood flow–and with it, oxygen and nutrients–to small blood vessels that lead to the ears.

Pine back extract and ginkgo biloba are great starting points…

And while at it, work closely with a doctor in integrative or functional medical practice.

Now you know what could be causing the buzzing in your ears and what you can do to reverse it…

And it’s never too late for action.

To your hearing restoration.

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