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Rehab is the Right Action After a Coronavirus Battle

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Just about everyone now knows someone who’s had the coronavirus…

And you may have even had it yourself!

If you had it…or even think you had it…you might be living right now with the notorious struggles to catch your breath that often follow the infection…

Oh My God, you think: “I might never breathe properly again!”

Well, friend…

New research confirms the bad news: Covid-19 often means living with lung problems long after the infection is gone…

But there’s some hope…

The research reveals how to get your all-important lung capacity back–so you can literally breathe easier even after suffering the worst this infection can throw your way.

Apparently, many people who’ve caught the virus have gone untested…

Maybe the infection seemed too mild to warrant a hospital visit…

Or, after consultation, they were advised to receive home-based care.

But millions have ended up in hospital–including many who needed critical care such as supplementary oxygen using a ventilator.

But Covid-19 is the greatest equalizer of all time–from the mild cases to the most critical–anyone who’s been hospitalized for the infection has the potential to face lasting damage…

Including potential damage to the lungs, heart, and more.

The new study finds that 88% of hospitalized coronavirus patients have lung damage 6 weeks after the infection–the kind of damage that can lead to what you might be feeling right now if you’re sick:-

  • Breathlessness
  • Gasping
  • Coughing
  • wheezing

…and the feeling that you just can’t get all the air you need!

But on the flip-side, there’s also some good news…

The study shows how your lungs can heal from that damage.

By 12 weeks, the 88% was down to 56%…and the scientists believe that over time, that number will continue to shrink.

The study also reveals the key to a faster return to normal–and that’s the one thing many of us skimp on after respiratory infections such as pneumonia…

Is Rehab!

Rehab may start right in the hospital at the pulmonary unit, where it’s easier to follow because they’re guiding you through it.

But you also have to do it at home, on your own–whether you were hospitalized or not.

The study shows why you should keep puffing.

In a separate study on the most severe cases, only 16% were able to walk a normal distance without getting winded–the way they could before the infection.

After 3 weeks of rehab, that number nearly tripled to 43%.

And even though that wasn’t good enough…

It’s still a big step in the right direction, and the indications are that the number could also continue to improve over time.

So, don’t skimp on rehab–get enough of it!

When you’re referred back home with exercises and breathing activities, follow through…because they could be the key to reclaiming your lung power back!

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Heart Attack Rehab in the Wake of COVID-19

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With the coronavirus weakening multiple organs of the body, including the heart…

A heart attack is more imminent than ever before for COVID-19 patients…

And, hence the reason to keep your guard up at all times.

A heart attack can happen anywhere–whether you’re in quarantine…isolation…

And it doesn’t matter if you’re trying to avoid doctors’ offices, clinics, and hospitals.

When it happens, it just happens–and all bets are off.

If you’ve had one, you know how prone you are to yet another bout!

Which is why you need to follow the rehab routine.

But the COVID-19 panic and all of the closures can make it impossible to do your rehab and take many of the other steps so critical for your heart protection…

Or so it seems!

There’s a way to get just about ALL the care you need to keep your ticker beating strong and steady.

And you don’t have to break isolation…escape the quarantine…or even leave the comfort of your own home!

Get Your Cardiac Rehab Without Going Out

We’re letting a lot of things slip through our fingers in the age of isolation and quarantine!

Many folks aren’t exactly watching what they eat…not getting enough exercise (unless you count lifting the remote)…and plenty of guys have given their beards “clemency”–not shaving at all!

But don’t let yourself go that route…

Don’t let the not-so-good habits take over or even creep in!

And definitely, don’t let your cardiac rehab slip!

The center might be closed and all appointments put on hold for now since there’s nothing the pesky COVID-19 would like more than a roomful of seniors with heart disease.

But you can get your rehab…protect your heart…and keep in isolation all at the same time.

You might not have all the fancy equipment the rehab center has…

But you have everything you really need!

The Mayo Clinic notes that cardiac rehab comes down to 4 basics:

  • Evaluation: If you’ve had a heart attack, you’ve almost certainly had one of these and know what you’re facing and what you need–so this step is covered.
  • Exercise: This is the bulk of what you get at the clinic, putting you on the treadmill or rowing machine, or whatever. If you don’t have that, try a brisk walk around your home or yard, or walking up and down the stairs if it’s safe to do so.
  • Lifestyle: Most rehab programs offer support on healthy eating and how to quit smoking if you do–but in a pinch, you can get this information online, either via your doctor or just asking Google, among other sources.
  • Support: This is a little harder to get on your own…but not impossible. You can find support online, and your doctor or even your cardiac rehab services may now be available for consultations via an app, website or just your phone…

Try looking up their website and calling. Even if they’ve never offered telephone or online services before, they may be doing so now as the coronavirus has forced businesses to resort to remote services…

And that could mean you might get everything you need to protect your heart…right down to a sympathetic ear and sound medical advice…without leaving your home at all.

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