smoke these alzheimer’s triggers out of your home…

The word Alzheimer’s screams hell…

And if you’ve seen someone battered by declining brainpower and memory loss…

You’d easily understand why it’s a dreaded condition!

For you or a loved one to have a fighting chance and emerge victorious against this brain killer, you have to nip it in the bud before it takes hold.

You see, you can prevent dementia, but only if you know what to look for…and when to act…

And this process starts by being aware of the Alzheimer’s triggers you’re exposed to each day…

Believe it or not, the triggers are lurking in your own home..and in their numbers…

And you’d be shocked to the core to learn that many of the household products you use everyday are loaded with chemicals that have been linked to Alzheimer’s.

Not only are you sharing your home with them…they may already be inside your body…

And until you eliminate these ticking time bombs, you’re at a greater risk of developing chronic diseases that can destroy your health, including sending your treasured memories to the dogs.

So, what are these brain terrorists and what can you do to reduce your exposure and protect your precious brain?


The health of your brain is directly related to what you eat.

Cooking fresh foods at home, rather than nuking a package of junk food–is one of the best ways to shield yourself from the toxins in processed foods that can ravage your brain.

Not only that, what you cook makes a big difference, too.

A nutritious plate of salmon and veggies is far much better for your brain than a bowl of pasta.

But according to a study from Temple University, what you cook with is equally important…

Because if your favorite cooking oil is Canola, you could be courting the Alzheimer’s disease.

In the study cited above, researchers divided baby mice into 2 groups. Half were fed a standard diet, while the other half were fed a standard diet, plus 2 tablespoons of canola oil each day.

Now, these weren’t just ordinary mice–they had been genetically altered to develop Alzheimer’s disease as they aged.

At the end of 6 months, the mice that had been happing up canola oil performed worse on learning and memory tests than the mice that hadn’t tasted a drop of the oil.

Even worse, they had an increase in the plaques and tangles often seen in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients.

That’s probably because their brains were wallowing in a protein called beta-amyloid, which is associated with the formation of these plaques and tangles in at least half the cases of seniors with mild cognitive impairment.

And their brains showed damage to key synapses–the sites where neurons (brain cells) come together to form and retrieve precious memories.

Simply put…canola oil accelerated their development of Alzheimer’s symptoms.

Now, you may find this a little bit unsettling since canola oil is one of the most widely consumed vegetable oils in the world–after all, it’s cheaper than virgin olive oil, and most folks consider it a healthy option.

But far from it…

Canola oil doesn’t come anywhere near olive oil in terms of health benefits–it’s filled with toxic junk.

That’s because it often comes from genetically modified plants. It’s so highly processed that it contains artery-clogging trans fats–and it often retains residues from toxic pesticides.

And even though canola oil does contain anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids, it packs twice as many omega-6 fatty acids…

Yet, for optimal health gains, the ratio should actually be in the reverse order.

Unfortunately, canola oil is found in everything from salad dressings to butter “alternatives”…to canned soups. So you can see why you should be hawk-eyed at reading labels to avoid it.

But don’t freak out one little bit…

Because there are oils proven to not only protect, but revitalize your brain.

And one of the best options is the minimally processed extra-virgin olive oil, which has been shown to fight both inflammation and Alzheimer’s brain damage.

Other brain-healthy choices include avocado oil and grapeseed oil.


Exit canola oil and enter the pearly white filling your teeth!

This brain killer is right inside your mouth…

And for years, dentists and even governments have worked very hard to convince you that the mercury amalgams (or silver) fillings in your mouth are as safe as mother’s milk!

They have brushed aside science and even lied to your face, even when they know that mercury is one of the most toxic substances on the planet.

But now…the University of Washington scientists are warning that as many as half of the US population are at a much greater risk from mercury fillings than you’ll ever be told…

And that risk can include a lifetime of brain damage that can’t be reversed.

Several studies have found that a high-powered MRI scan can cause the mercury in your fillings to leach out, exposing you to a toxic heavy metal that’s been linked to Alzheimer’s.

Even more chilling, the mercury can leach out just by sipping hot coffee or tea…or by using your cell phone.

And once that mercury leaks out, it can make your risk of Alzheimer’s skyrocket. In fact, high levels of mercury in the brain have been linked to neurofibrillary tangles and amyloid plaques in Alzheimer’s patients’ brains.

Science has also shown that mercury levels in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients can be up to 10 times as high as those found in the rest of the population.

Now, you’ve probably heard about the high mercury levels in certain fish and seafood–like tuna and swordfish–and how hazardous they can be to your health…

And like many folks, you probably have a few cans of tuna in your pantry right now.

If they are the higher-priced albacore, you did not only just shell out more money, you may also be putting your health at risk…

Because white tuna contains nearly triple the amount of mercury as light tuna.

If you stop and think about it, persuading people that it’s perfectly fine to put one of the most toxic elements into their mouths is simply fraudulent!

You see, despite all the deceit, mercury placed inside a tooth emits toxic vapors…and inhaling those fumes can be disastrous to your health.

Interestingly, under any other circumstances, you’d be warned to stay a mile away from inhaling mercury fumes, right?

For example if you break a CFL bulb–which contains just a tiny bit of mercury–the EPA warns you to evacuate the area as soon as possible!

But in your mouth…apparently; not a problem!

To protect yourself and loved ones from exposure to this neurotoxin, ensure any fillings you get are made of mercury-free white composite–which most dentists now use–NOT amalgams.

And if you already have amalgams in your mouth, you can have them safely removed by an experienced dentist.

See, when mercury builds up in your body, it can be as toxic as any other heavy metal like aluminum and copper…all of which can lead to neurodegenerative diseases, including dementia.

To add insult to injury, many people routinely inhale the poisons emitted by toxic molds in water-damaged buildings, without ever knowing it.

So your first step should be to ask your doctor for a blood test to detect metals and molds.

And if it turns out you have metal poisoning, a detoxifying therapy called chelation can get rid of the toxic metals out of your body.

The next poison destroying your brain is aluminum.

Most doctors will shrug it off, but research evidence puts them to shame.

Aluminum is one of the most abundant metal elements in our environment, but it’s not essential for life. In fact, it’s been linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

Studies have shown it’s a Neurotoxin, meaning it’s deadly for your brain.

You may have heard the chilling warnings–that cooking in aluminum pots and pans, drinking out of aluminum cans, wrapping leftovers in aluminum foil, or even applying your daily antiperspirant, are all bad for your brain.

And in spite of all the counter-arguments from the mainstream naysayers, aluminum can put you right on the fast track to Alzheimer’s.

In fact, the leading expert in the study of aluminum and the brain has confirmed that the link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease is, in fact, overwhelming and compelling…

And that’s none other than Prof. Christopher Exley of Keele University in the U.K.–also known as “Mr. Aluminum“.

He’s been researching the metal for more than 30 years and has published over 100 scientific papers on it.

So, when he says that research undeniably confirmed a link, it’s warrants attention.

Even more compelling, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that each of us ingests 7-9 milligrams of aluminum from our daily routines, every single day.

You can limit your exposure to aluminum by avoiding common sources like antiperspirants, aluminum cookware and utensils, aluminum foil, and heartburn medications, cosmetics, and drugs that contain aluminum.

Even better, you can avoid exposure by steering clear of processed foods–like buttered fish fillets, cake mixes, frozen waffles, baking powder, and bakery items.

And now… this will come to you as a shocker…

You turn on the tap in the morning…and what flows out may look clean and clear!

Turns out, water can appear as pure as a mountain spring…even when it’s loaded with toxins that can wreck your health.

And it doesn’t have to be water in a foreign locale–away from your regular source…

The good H02 coming right from your own kitchen faucet might be tainted with everything from dangerous bacteria that can make you sick…to heavy metals that can turn you into a zombie.

And one of the biggest offenders is COPPER

It’s not the good organic copper that comes from foods like asparagus, mushrooms, liver, nuts, and chocolate.

This type of copper is processed by your liver, and your body uses the amount it needs and safely stores the rest.

There is the “badinorganic copper that can ravage your health, and not the least, mental health.

And the amount of copper flying around in our environment is soaring by the day!

There are two main sources of inorganic copper–drinking water and some of the common vitamin supplements you take everyday!

Copper is used in most of the plumbing pipes, as well as in wires and cables

And while copper can rapidly transmit information and messages in the commercial world, the story is different when it accumulates in your gray matter.

You see, too much copper in your brain can disrupt its typically lightning-quick signaling, causing cognitive problems. This puts you on the fast lane to Alzheimer’s.

Copper damages your neurological system by triggering inflammation, which leads to the formation of the notorious beta-amyloid plaque.

These plaques destroy your brain cells, thereby setting a conducive environment for Alzheimer’s to set on.

Due to massive copper plumbing, nearly everyone drinks water that flows through copper pipes.

And to make matters worse, about half of all folks over 50 take a vitamin pill that contains inorganic copper.

To limit your exposure to copper, read the label on your vitamin bottle–and if it contains copper, toss it into the trash bin, and…

Replace it with a different variety that doesn’t contain this brain-ravaging metal.

You can also measure the copper in your home’s drinking water. Home tests are available on

Your goal is 0.01 ppm. If your levels are higher, lower them with water filter–a reverse osmosis filter is your best bet.

Chelation therapy can also help pull the heavy metals out of your system. Talk to your integrative physician for advice.

And now…

Yet another brain killer has been finding its way into your food with reckless abandon…

And multiple studies have linked it to Alzheimer’s…

Along with a boatload of other diseases like cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, cystic fibrosis, kidney and liver problems, and even autism.

The culprit here is the weed killer Roundup, and its active–and toxic ingredient–glyphosate.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) call glyphosate “the most widely used biocide” on the planet.

They found that glyphosate actually alters DNA–specifically, an amino acid called glycine, which is vital for your brain because it helps cells communicate with each other.

But when your cells are forming proteins, they can mistakenly bind to glyphosate, instead of glycine. That changes the structure and function of the proteins, thereby damaging and rendering them dysfunctional.

You see, when glyphosate replaces glycine–particularly in brain cells–those cells can’t function or communicate properly…and that causes memory problems and cognitive decline.

Even worse, scientists have found that even low doses of glyphosate can kill good gut bacteria. That raises your levels of inflammation–another key driver of Alzheimer’s.

Yet, with all this incriminating scientific evidence, the Roundup herbicide is still in active use!

Glyphosate is heavily used in agriculture, purportedly to increase the yield and feed a burgeoning population.

it’s also used by millions of Americans to keep their gardens dandelion-free.

And to make matters worse, you don’t have to be a farmer or backyard gardener to get a “good” dose of the lethal chemical…

Because it drifts from the fields where it’s sprayed…and lands on other nearby crops.

That means this poison is all over the fruits and vegetables you buy at the local grocery stores…

And it’s even rearing its ugly head in some very unlikely places–like honey, ice cream, orange juice, fish, wine, table salt, popcorn, breakfast cereal, and even baby formula.

Glyphosate is inarguably everywhere. So, the best way to avoid it is to switch to an organic diet.

That means choosing only organic produce and grass-fed, organic meat and dairy products.

By law, organic foods can’t be grown using chemical pesticides or GMO seeds.

Buying organic from your local farmer minimizes the cross-contamination that can occur during shipping, packaging, and storage…

Plus, it may cost you a few more bucks, but keeping your brain healthy–and your memory razor-sharp–is priceless.

There you are…

You now know the brain killers you’re sharing space with…most probably because you didn’t know the health risks they pose!

But now, you can do everything within your power to get rid of them and turn to healthy options that protect and revitalize your engine!

Without a sound brain, you lose your independence and, sadly, become a burden to your family…

Because you must stay under constant supervision, and in the worst case scenario…

You can end up in a home for the mentally challenged!

Stay ahead of the game and avoid the unflattering consequences of deteriorating brain power.

You may want to dive deeper into the area of brain health…

And I thought about your needs way ahead of time…and put together a very informative piece.

Sample it here:

To your superb mental health!

You owe it to humanity to share this information far and away…to promote brain health. Shall you?

Thank you so much for your patronage.

Stay tuned…


This article is for educational purposes, and does not in any way, constitute personal medical advice. Remember to always consult with your professional healthcare giver on all matters relating to your health.

Human Brain

Common Foods Linked To Alzheimer’s Disease…

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Your mental health is critically important

Did you know that you could eat your way to a superb memory and brain health?

Imagine feeling completely confident in any conversation, no matter how fast-paced or complicated!

Never having to feel the face-reddening humiliation of forgetting someone’s name, or the reason you walked into the garage in the first place!

Imagine how impressed your family members will be when they see you getting sharp-witted again!

And it all starts by discovering the uncensored truth about brain fog and age-related memory loss.

According to some top neuroscientists in the world, it could be due to three specific foods that we eat every single day!

Yes…not aging or genetics per se, but some popular foods that are wreaking havoc on your memory and sapping your brainpower.

Of course, there is a lot of conflicting and confusing information out there–especially when it comes to health.

The Internet has forced us to become hard-nosed skeptics. Therefore, the idea that memory loss could actually be linked to 3 specific foods, and not aging or genetics, might be a hard sell.

It’s the kind of a thing that makes you think and ask, “Why haven’t I heard about these 3 foods already?”, or “Why hasn’t my doctor talked about them?”.

These are valid questions and you’ll get unbiased answers right herein.

Learning the truth about these 3 foods is the single most important thing you can do for your memory.

These foods are linked to the brain fog and senior moments that kill simple everyday memories like where you left your keys or your friend’s cell phone number.

Many experts have corroborated these clinical facts.

According to Dr. Eva Selhub, a Harvard University MD and medical editor, just like a powerful car, your brain functions best when it gets only premium, high octane fuel, and can be damaged if you ingest foods like these “memory killers”.

Dr. Suzanne de la Monte, a medical professor at Brown University, says just one of these memory killers is behind the huge increase in older people with memory problems: “We believe the dramatic increase is due to exposure to the memory killers rather than genetics”.

And leading neurologist Dr. David Pelmutter says protecting against the effects of one of these memory killers paves the way for better brain health and resistance to age-related mental decline.

The memory killer foods include:-

  • Refined carbohydrates-white bread, pasta, donuts, rice, and sweets.

As much as we love these foods, the research is clear and undeniable–they’re eating away at your memories!

But don’t get me wrong!

I’m not in any way suggesting that you stop eating them. There’s, however, a better way to indulge.

So, why are refined carbs bad for your memory?

You see, in an aging brain, the glucose from these foods causes something called oxidative stress, which is like a fire in your brain cells!

Symptoms like brain fog, forgetfulness, confusion, and trouble concentrating have all been linked to refined carbs.

In a study published in the journal Behavioral Neuroscience, even otherwise healthy young people who ate lots of refined carbs had impaired memory.

And in another study involving folks over 65, it was found that, the more refined carbs they ate, the worse off their memory was.

And the worst part is, refined carbs are everywhere, and it’s almost impossible to eliminate them from your diet, yet protecting your memory from oxidative stress caused by refined carbs is so critical for a healthy brain.

Memory killer number 2 is…

  • Microwave Popcorn

Yes, you heard that right! To be clear, the problem is not the popcorn itself . It’s the chemical used to give it buttery flavor. The chemical is called diacetyl.

Research has linked diacetyl to the formation of amyloid proteins in your brain. And it turns out that, popcorn isn’t the only place we are exposed to diacetyl.

It’s found in thousands of foods like margarine, candy, baked foods, and more.

It gives these foods a rich buttery flavor and it’s a lot cheaper than using real butter. As a result, Big Food companies love this chemical even though it’s clearly unsafe.

Can you believe a chemical that is proven to trigger amyloid protein formation in the brain–a verified memory killer–is found in thousands of foods all over?

Memory killer number 3 is…

  • Monosodium Glutamate, or MSG.

This is the “flavor enhancer” used in Chinese food. And it turns out that this chemical works by exciting the nerve cells in the brain that respond to taste. The problem is, it very often over-excites other brain cells, and this spells trouble for your memory and brainpower.

Now, if MSG were only found in Chinese food, why would it be a big deal?

Unfortunately, that is not the case! This chemical is used in countless other foods, including many you would never suspect, like Doritos, Pringles, fast food sandwiches, and even Campbell’s soup!

And thanks to crappy labeling regulations, it almost never shows in the ingredients’ label. Instead, it’s disguised as any one of these innocent-sounding names:

  • Hydrolyzed vegetable protein
  • Hydrolyzed protein
  • Hydrolyzed plant protein
  • Plant protein extract
  • Sodium caseinate
  • Calcium caseinate
  • Yeast extract
  • Textured protein
  • Autolyzed yeast
  • Hydrolyzed oat flour

Now, if MSG is perfectly safe, why hide it from us?

The truth is, it’s not safe–it’s a proven memory killer. Luckily, a tiny dose of a certain type of vitamin can help protect brain cells from the effects of MSG.

To help shield and protect your brain from the effects of these memory killers, The Himalaya Drug Company has created a cutting-edge formula called Himalaya Organic.

This formula helps protect you from the effects of the 3 memory killers, and give you a clear, noticeable boost in brainpower and memory starting with the very first dose. This ensures you actually feel a difference right away, and the question of whether it works gets settled instantly.

A common problem with many supplements is that they take a while to really work–weeks and even months. Consequently, users or patients get impatient and stop taking them altogether before they realize the real benefits. This is why Himalaya Organic delivers results in as little as one hour after the first dose.

It contains a revolutionary nutrient unlike anything you have seen before. Remember, memory killer number one is the oxidative stress caused by refined carbs. And if you follow health news, you know that antioxidants are key to quenching the “fire” of oxidative stress.

This is why antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies are so good for you. The problem is, only a select few antioxidants can cross the blood brain barrier–the wall surrounding your brain.

Bacopa Monnieri, an exotic plant from Asia is one of those select few. It has been a traditional Asian remedy for centuries, and modern science is finally catching up.

A study on rats published in the journal Phytotherapy Research shows that Bacopa indeed crosses the blood brain barrier, and has powerful antioxidant effects. It’s like pointing a gushing garden hose at a camp fire–it simply squelches the burning of oxidative stress.

So, what does this mean for your memory, concentration, and thinking?

In another study–this time on people–patients saw an 11% increase in brain function. Now, 11% may not sound like much. But note, that was just 60 minutes after taking a single dose of Bacopa!

Indeed, studies show that there is nothing else out there that delivers a measurable boost in brainpower after just one hour. And the longer you take it, the better the results you get.

In another study, after 3 three months, patients saw an undeniable increase in their memory score! Plus, it also helped improve their mood and reduce their stress levels too. Their minds revved up to full speed like flipping a genius switch in their brains.

To counter memory killer number 2, the chemical linked to amyloid protein build-up, the Himalaya team discovered a cutting-edge nutraceutical that offers protection against amyloid build-up. It’s called Cera-Q

A special type of naturally-derived protein peptide. Like Bacopa, it has been used for brain health in traditional Asian Medicine for centuries.

Researchers in Korea split a group of 98 patients into 2 groups. They gave one group a placebo, and the other group, a daily dose of Cera-Q.

And after 3 weeks, the difference was like day and night. In fact, the Cera-Q group showed 90% better recall when they were asked to memorize a list of words, and a staggering 287% better overall memory than the placebo group.

To be completely sure, scientists did another study with participants aged over 65. Every single parameter was measured–memory, attention, concentration, mathematical calculations, organizational skills, and linguistic ability.

And the results were even more stunning. They all improved significantly, meaning after just 3 weeks of taking 400 mg of Cera-Q daily, the seniors practically had super-human brains! And the really amazing thing is that, the patients with the severest age-related cognitive decline saw the biggest improvements.

Now, rest assured that, with these 2 ingredients alone, Himalaya Organic is already the most advanced brain health formula ever created. With just these 2 ingredients, you could notice a huge uptick in mental sharpness in conversations, ability to concentrate on things like books, puzzles, and documentaries, your memory of details like phone numbers, bank account numbers, addresses, and a lot more.

Memory killer number three is like Kryptonite to brain cells. Luckily, there is a nutrient clinically studied to help protect against the chemical. And this time, it’s not an exotic plant extract or nutraceutical…

It’s vitamin B-12, which has been shown to counteract MSG by acting as a shield for brain cells. There is one catch, though…

Remember the blood brain barrier, the wall that surrounds your brain tissues? Well, out of more than a dozen forms of vitamin B-12, only one crosses that barrier.

It’s a special form of B-12 called methylcobalamin. Its chemical structure allows it to go right into your brain cells and help shield them against MSG and other toxic chemicals. That’s why Himalaya Organic includes a healthy amount of methylcobalamin in every dose.

And as an added bonus, B vitamins are well-known for supporting your energy levels. So you might just notice a little extra pep in your step!

Are you starting to see how this formula can help restore your memory and brainpower practically overnight?

The protection offered against the effects of toxic foods and additives will keep you sharp as a tack. Your relationship with your family will blossom as you share real conversations, advice, and laughs with them again.

You will feel the release of fear and dread, knowing your brain can stay sharp for all your days.

That’s exactly what Himalaya Organic gives you–the peace of mind and security of knowing your brain will always keep running on all cylinders, and you’re fully protected against the effects of memory-killing toxins polluting our food supply.

Himalaya Organic is top-quality in every respect. It’s manufactured in an FDA certified facility in the US, and it’s 100% non-GMO. It features clinically tested ingredients at the perfect levels to ensure you see fast powerful results.

Take advantage of this brain-saving breakthrough with zero risk…

Because you’re covered by 100%, no questions asked money-back guarantee.

But you’ll not get anywhere near thinking of returning it…

The kind of results you’ll get will be simply mind-numbing!

And now…it’s action time…

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Publisher’s Note

This article is for educational purposes, and does not purport to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease.