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Give Your Drinking Water Some Thought…

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It may come to you as a surprise…

Especially if you’re hearing this for the first time…

And for sure, the talk isn’t common in the mainstream healthcare sector!

You need a different kind of drinking water–not the regular alkaline water!

Is your drinking water alkaline?

Alkaline water, bottled or piped is dead water!

Alkalinity and acidity are measured in PH, which is a concentration of hydrogen ions in a diluted solution.

It can range from 0-14, with 7 denoting a neutral value.

Acidic water has a PH below 7, while the PH of alkaline water is above 7.

Alkaline water causes damage to the eyes, skin, and mucous membranes.

You need the kind of water that revitalizes your 37.2 Trillion cells. That’s right…working at the cellular level to support your health and energy.

You see, inside your body, a battle is being waged.

When you’re young, it’s easy to win this battle, but as you get older, you begin losing it.

Your enemy in this battle is the biggest threat to your health and lifespan.

Just about every human being is falling victim to this enemy…

And here’s how to tell if you’re currently a victim:

Do you ever feel…

  • Fatigued throughout the day?
  • Aches and pains?
  • Does your skin look dull and dry?

These are symptoms of the enemy your body is battling right now: Oxidative Damage

It technically means electrons are getting ripped out of the molecules within your cells.

This kind of oxidative damage happens all around you, all the time, and it’s a normal part of aging.

If you’ve ever bitten into an apple and put it down for a while…you’d see the inner part begin to turn brown and mushy–that’s oxidative damage!

It’s the same thing when a car is rusting out because of scratches on the body.

Oxidative damage assaults your body constantly, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Because of pollution, stress, and toxins, this enemy has been growing stronger and stronger for decades…

And that’s the hidden root cause of many problems that occur with age.

For instance, are you frustrated with your aching, tired joints? Then you might want to know what scientists in Germany discovered…

Joint aches are caused by oxidative damage!

Are you also fed up with your soul-sapping fatigue? If your answer is “Yes” then fighting back against oxidative damage is your solution…

Because your energy comes from tiny little powerhouses in your cells called mitochondria. You have trillions of them.

If too many oxidative damage-causing molecules attack your mitochondria, you feel rundown and start dragging.

But this goes deeper than just your appearance or how you feel.

In fact, studies show the health of your mitochondria is directly linked to how long you live.

You may have heard of centenarians–the men and women who live to 100+ years

Scientists have studied centenarians for decades, to see if they could crack the code behind their extraordinarily long life…

And recently, they discovered something exciting…

It turns out, centenarians do a better job protecting their mitochondria from oxidative damage!

This was researched in some of the longest living nations, including Japan, Italy, France, Ireland, and Finland

And it could be your ticket to living to 100, or even longer.

Imagine blowing out 100 candles for your birthday, and sharing quality time with your family and friends, knowing deep in your heart you’ve got plenty more years left in you!

Hold onto that feeling…because this fantasy could be a reality for you!

And it all comes down to this:

When our bodies are exposed to the onslaught of oxidative damage…

We get and feel older…

We look older and become older…unless we do something to stop it.

And that’s where, among other things, your drinking water comes in!

You see, your drinking water should contain special properties that enable it fight oxidative damage in your body and protect it from the resultant harmful effects!

It should be bursting with molecules called antioxidants

Which are like the good side of the force that brings balance to your health.

Remember how oxidative damage occurs when electrons get ripped off your cells?

Antioxidants do something special…

They have their own electrons, and when your body is under attack…antioxidants generously donate their own electrons so yours are spared.

In other words, these brave molecules act like bodyguards who dive in front of you to “take or bite the bullet”.

As a result, you stay safe from oxidative damage…

Your joints remain strong…your skin stays healthy and glowing…

Your energy fires in all cylinders…and generally, you keep healthier!

Scientists in Japan discovered the truth…

This special kind of water infuses your body with the most super-powerful antioxidants on the planet.

This antioxidant was investigated by Hungarian scientist Albert Szent-Gyorgyi. Later on, he won the Nobel Prize for discovering the antioxidant activity of vitamin C…but almost nobody realizes he alerted the world to something that can transform your health far, far more.

He did it right during his December 11th 1937 Nobel lecture.

And it happened when he declared: “...our body really knows only one fuel, hydrogen”.

And that’s the secret to your drinking water: Hydrogen.

Instead of regular water, where the hydrogen is bonded and trapped with oxygen, this life-giving water has a certain amount of freed hydrogen.

Clinical evidence shows how healing it is!

A study out of Japan showed hydrogen could help improve blood flow.

A Japanese hospital found hydrogen helped patients’ joints feel better in mere weeks…

Still, that’s not all…

It could even help boost energy and help your cells feel and function younger.

In fact, animal and in vitro study results from 106 peer-reviewed articles show hydrogen may help support the health of your:

  • Brain
  • Heart
  • Lungs
  • Skin
  • Kidneys
  • Liver
  • Ears
  • Gums

Now, because the research on hydrogen is so new, most of the above is on animals…

And while clinical studies are needed to verify these results in humans, real people are already feeling the difference.

Remember, because hydrogen protects you from oxidative damage at the cellular level, it could support the health of your entire body–all the 37.2 Trillion cells.

Think of your biggest health concerns…the ones that frustrate you the most…

What would it feel like to be free from them?

How much less pain and stress would you experience right now if those thoughts disappeared?

The fatigue…the sadness…the exhaustion…dreading that your health isn’t optimal…

What if you stopped feeling stuck on the sidelines of life and started feeling more confident and carefree?

What if you could step out and have fun like you used to, and relish the bright future you have ahead?

For sure, you can…

It’s all possible with the super-antioxidant hydrogen.

But as you learned earlier, it must be “freed” for it to work!

That’s because it’s still bound and trapped in regular water…

And it’s the same with bottled water.

It turns out, all the water you’ve been drinking up and until now is closer to a fountain of death…than youth!

Doesn’t matter if it goes through a reverse osmosis filter…

Doesn’t matter if it’s bottled by a fancy company for an even fancier price…

It simply doesn’t matter!

The water in your home and that which you can buy from the stores is simply dead water–all of it.

A frightening percentage of all water is known to violate set safety guidelines by a long shot.

A study published in the Canadian Journal of Microbiology found something even scarier:

After just 7 days of storage, the bacteria count in bottled water could explode a full 1,000 times more!

Think of where we’re supposed to source our drinking water from…

It’s water that’s churned through miles of metal pipes, and saturated with chemicals…

It’s water that’s grown stale in plastic containers for months on end!

This is virtually where 100% of your drinking water comes from!

Think about it…

How often have you quenched your thirst with natural water from mountain springs renowned for their rejuvenating powers?

Probably never! Yet, that’s what your body is designed to enjoy!

We’ve all heard of legends of rejuvenating springs–some with magical healing powers!

I believe the legends of rejuvenating springs were grounded in scientific fact, and that this kind of hydrogen-rich water is the real magic.

Picture the water in these springs seeping through layers of rock towards the surface, getting nourished with the right kind of minerals for health!

Could that create free hydrogen naturally?

Well, it turns out, researchers from Germany and Switzerland actually tested certain natural bodies of water…

And guess what?

They confirmed some fresh water from a natural lake had small amounts of free hydrogen!

But then something interesting happened later…

Excited about the results, these scientists kept some of the water in their lab…

And they discovered the free hydrogen eventually disappeared.

Just like seltzer, as soon as you open the bottle, it fizzes.

If you leave it out long enough, it’ll go flat because all the gas has dissipated.

With free hydrogen, which is even lighter and smaller, this will happen eventually, even if you keep the bottle capped.

So you can’t bottle it!

And this is why you can’t find this kind of water in the stores.

You must make it yourself and drink it immediately

And this is possible with modern scientific innovation…

Helping protect you against free radical damage, lower cholesterol levels, support healthy blood sugar, boost immune system, and improve joint health.

It even works for athletes…

The Serbian Journal of Sports Science published a study where athletes drank hydrogen-rich sports drink during their tough workouts. Consequently, their heart rates were lower than those drinking a regular sports drink!

It’s also been shown to delay muscle fatigue, and help improve performance!

Imagine how amazing you’d feel if this water could do the same for you!

Remember the life-giving cell mitochondria and what it does for centenarians?

Well, a study out of Japan showed this kind of water improves the mitochondria health of those who drink it.

And this could be your lifeline!

It can get into the nooks and crevices of your body, where it’s needed the most…where other treatments can’t go!

Your poor mitochondria are starving for antioxidants to protect them, and hydrogen is just the master for the job.

But just knowing all this is one thing…

It turns out, you can actually measure in number value, how much a liquid either reduces the potential for oxidation, or increases it.

This is done with something called an ORP meter, which stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential…

In other words, this meter helps indicate how much of a healthy antioxidant a liquid is, or an unhealthy pro-oxidant.

A major pharmaceutical company is even trying to corner the market on this technology, because it’s so groundbreaking for your health.

And it’s very possible to create this health-giving water with something that looks like a simple pitcher.

Think of your smartphone…

It contains a computer so powerful…just a few years ago, the hardware would take up your entire desk, but now, it fits into the palm of your hand!

The same thing happens with this water technology!

It’s even been tested at the Molecular Hydrogen Institute’s lab…and confirmed to produce free hydrogen in water.

And it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to quench your thirst with this radiant, life-giving, whole water.

This filtering technology for creating this free hydrogen-rich, energizing water is now available for an absolute bargain.

It’s called Bio Cera Water Pitcher, and at $95.99, this is the best bargain ever.

If you do the math for buying bottled water for your whole family, you might be shelling out over $800 for a two-month supply of dead water soaking in plastic, and maybe even sinking up the dangerous chemical, BPA–Bisphenol A--an industrial chemical often used in containers like water bottles and others that are used to store food and beverage.

But now you have the chance for energetic, refreshing water at a much better price.

In fact, if you avoid purchasing just a single bottle of water per day, your pitcher is already paid for in less than a month…and then you’re putting money in your pocket!

Start saving money…drink the best, perfectly balanced antioxidant water you deserve…look and even feel younger.

The pitcher is fitted with a special filtering mechanism of NSF-certified activated carbon that strips out bad taste and odors from our water, making it equivalent to fresh, bubbling mountain stream water–water that’s untouched–pure!

Mind you, the pitcher has a layer of Ion Exchange Resin that softens the water, making it a pristine pleasure to drink…

And by the way, the entire process is BPA-free!

Now, you know the truth about water–both how terrible regular water could be for your health, and how delicious this perfectly-balanced kind of water is.

But it’s all meaningless unless you make up your mind today and take the right action…

To stop drinking the water that’s devastating your health…and take a new direction towards restoring your health–more energy and vitality, healthy joints, and a younger, glowing, attractive skin!


You’re spending more money on water anyway, so you might as well decide to save the money and gift yourself with the revitalizing, cleansed water that could help make you younger and healthier.

Make the smarter choice…

Give your health this gift today… you deserve it–living a healthier, bubbly, more energetic life!

Just picture this…

You’re living in the world thousands of years ago, before any modern pollution…

Gentle rays of morning sun awaken you. As you stretch and yawn, feeling completely refreshed, you decide to enjoy a walkabout…

A quiet steam bubbles right through your secluded backyard. The water gently courses through mineral-filled rocks.

You tip-toe right next to the stream…stoop down…scoop some cool, clear water into your hands…and drink.

First, you taste the refreshing, mineral-drenched, original water.

Within moments, you feel the water energizing you as you take one drink, and then another…and another.

This is exactly how water should refresh you everyday…revitalize you from the inside out…

It’s the reason we build our houses near it…

Why we decorate our buildings with it…and why we love it so much!

Deep down inside, we instinctively realize how splendid water can make us feel and how much it could help us heal.

And now…

It’s your chance to get the healthy water you were created to drink!

And it gets even better because you risk nothing when you try Bio Cera

You’re covered by an ironclad 100% customer satisfaction or money-back guarantee

Meaning if for any reason or none at all you decide to change your mind and heart as you use Bio Cera, all you need to do is to contact the service team at Bio Cera for a full refund of every penny invested!

No questions asked…no hassle…no fine print!

But it’s reassuring to note that…

Bio Cera water pitcher has never been returned–not even once!

Its performance track record is time-tested and honored

And you cannot have the privilege of being the first one to bust this tradition.

The results you’ll get will perish the very thought of returning it into a bottomless pit!

So, friend…

Match off the crossroads…and onto the path of self-restoration!

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