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Truly… A Delicate Balancing Act…

Your health is your most valuable asset…

Yet, it takes a back seat in our wealth creation frenzy!

I believe the ideal situation is striking an optimal balance between the 2 for true, lasting well-being…

Indeed…a very elusive and delicate affair!

This site is a repository of cutting edge health-wealth info to help you achieve this rather slippery balance for an optimal life.

The blogs are golden tickets to your prime health…with links to additional resources on Amazon, which you can access directly via:

The treasure troves cover comprehensively…wide-ranging topics on heart health, brain health, blood sugar, longevity, and much more, including clinically tested and verified solutions.

Sample them for free and stay tuned… for a life-transforming journey to perfect health and fulfillment on this site!

Welcome and explore…

Latest from the Blog

Plaque or Cholesterol?

Advertisements Plaque is the main culprit in the endemic heart health challenges plaguing the world today! Sounds incredible? Yes, but it’s true according to some of the finest cardio brains on God’s green earth. See, for years, you’ve been told high cholesterol is a warning sign for potential heart attacks and other cardio problems; right? … Read More

To Consume Salt or Not?

Advertisements Salt has been demonized nearly everywhere! But it turns out that it’s a vital electrolyte that enables your body function optimally. In fact, without salt, you’d simply die! But it has to be the right type of salt…and in the right amount. See, salt is almost always at the top of the “foods to … Read More

Farts and Your Digestive Health

Advertisements Farts are a normal part of your healthy bodily functions! But if you find yourself farting far too often…and the farts a little more smelly… They could be red signals about your digestive health. See, there are some things that remain unchanged from childhood to adulthood–and chuckling when you toot is one of them…and … Read More

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