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Did you know that you can realize your skin care goals without spending a fortune?

…That there are foods and oils that load nutrients and minerals proven to nourish your skin, hair, and nails…

And among the top-rated include the following:

Unfortunately, due to the depletion of soils through overfarming, many foods don’t contain as much magnesium as they used to. It’s, therefore, easy to become deficient in this important nutrient, especially if you’re not eating a variety of plants and foods that are magnesium-rich.

And this is where magnesium oil kicks in…

Applying magnesium in topical oil form can help restore magnesium levels faster than consuming it orally. This way, your body experiences its zen-promoting benefits sooner than later.

Magnesium oil spray and lotions are the best way to apply magnesium topically. Indulge yourself after shower or hot bath by rubbing the oil into your skin. It might tingle at first, but the sensation quickly fades away.

Even better, studies show that soaking in magnesium-rich baths improves skin hydration, skin roughness, and skin redness.

Draw a hot bath regularly, add 2 cups of Epsom salt and swish them around until they’re dissolved. Soak for at least 15 minutes to enjoy the calming benefits.

Avocados are rich in vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that helps reduce signs of aging, protects your skin from sun damage, and helps keep skin supple by boosting collagen.

Mash up some avocado into a guacamole-like consistency. Of course, you can eat some and slather on your face for a quick, no-fuss face mask. Leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes.

For some added skin benefits, combine avocado with a tablespoon of raw honey and a teaspoon of turmeric powder. Leave it for 15 minutes, and ten rinse off.

Activated charcoal helps to pull out dirt and oil from your skin pores, helping to ease irritation.

Not only that, it also helps remove stains from your teeth, effectively acting as a natural teeth whitener.

You mix 1 teaspoon of activated charcoal powder with half teaspoon of raw honey and half teaspoon of water.

Apply to your face and let it dry for 10 minutes. Wash off with warm water. This will open up your pores.

As a teeth whitening paste, wet your toothbrush, put a half teaspoon of activated charcoal powder on it. Brush your teeth for 5-10 minutes, and then rinse your mouth.

It’s a natural antibacterial that contains beneficial enzymes and acids that nourish your skin, as well as reduce acne-causing bacteria.

Dilute apple cider vinegar in water and use it as a natural face toner and acne treatment.

Pour diluted apple cider vinegar on your scalp after shampooing. It acts as a natural conditioning and dandruff treatment.

Soak your feet in a diluted apple cider vinegar to soften calluses.

Better still, add apple cider vinegar to a bath to soften and nourish your skin.

Use coconut oil as a full-body moisturizer after shower. You can add a drop of sweet orange essential oil or peppermint oil for a calming aroma.

Alternatively, you can use coconut oil as a face moisturizer to help fight wrinkles and acne. The healthy fats in coconut oil lock in moisture in your skin, while the antibacterial properties combat acne.

Free radicals are unstable molecules that damage your DNA, resulting in signs of aging and disease.

On any given day, you’re exposed to and generate a great deal of free radicals from unhealthy diets, environmental pollution, and even stress.

Consuming vitamin E-rich foods and applying the oil topically can help reduce and prevent skin damage.

To nourish your skin, apply vitamin E oil directly, or add several drops of coconut oil moisturizer , and then apply to your face and body.

Studies have shown it’s excellent at moisturizing your skin, and also contains powerful anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties.

Shea butter has a rich, creamy texture that makes it perfect as a full-body lotion, or even as a heavy face moisturizer.

To make your Shea butter experience even richer, add a couple drops of your favorite essential oils and blend them thoroughly before applying.

Even better, Shea butter is proven to be an excellent stretch marks remover.

Coffee’s caffeine content may even help improve cellulite when applied topically.

Using coffee as a full-body scrub can help remove dead skin cells while also increasing circulation and improving the appearance of cellulite.

To whip up an easy scrub, combine a half cup of coffee grounds, a quarter cup of coconut oil, and 1-2 drops of your favorite essential oils.

Honey is a humectant, meaning it attracts and retains moisture, which is great for keeping your skin supple.

For a brightening and moisturizing face mask, combine one tablespoon of raw honey with one drop of lemon essential oil. Apply to your face and let it sit for 15 minutes. You can then wash it away with warm water.

It’s naturally an antibacterial, which helps manage acne and other skin conditions caused by bacteria. Its coarseness also makes it great for use as a full-body scrub.

Make a soothing salt scrub by combining a quarter cup of sea salt, a quarter cup of aloe vera gel, a quarter cup of coconut oil, and 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil. This should form a thick paste you can rub over your body in the shower.

Add a half cup of sea salt to your Epsom salt bath for an extra dose of minerals and skin softening benefits.

When applying lemon topically, make sure to avoid the sun as citrus can make your skin sensitive to heat.

Add 1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice to one tablespoon of raw honey. Apply to your face and give it 15 minutes before washing away with warm water.

Take a section (piece) of lemon and rub it on your nails to help whiten them.

Add one tablespoon of fresh lemon juice or 2 drops of lemon essential oil to one of the body scrub recipes mentioned above.

Coconut cream is different from coconut oil… just so you can avoid confusing the two. While coconut oil is pressed from coconut flesh, coconut cream comes from simmering coconut flesh in water.

The thick, creamy layer that separates from the thinner layer is coconut cream (the rest is coconut milk).

Coconut cream contains beneficial saturated fats and acids that moisturize, as well as kill bad bacteria.

Nourish your hair by combining a half cup of coconut cream with 2 teaspoons of raw honey, and a quarter cup of coconut milk. Apply liberally to the ends of your damp hair. Allow it to sit for 10 minutes, and then rinse.

And…there you are…

Beauty and elegance are yours for the taking without breaking bank!

Look your best following the foregoing tips and get tongues wagging about your newly acquired glow that turns heads whenever and wherever you pass!

Go forth and rock them!

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