will curcumin work for you?

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Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric–a popular spice that gives curry its distinctive color.

Turmeric has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine as an anti-inflammatory.

The bad news is that it’s not every curcumin will work for you!

To start with, curcumin, in its natural form, is not easily absorbed in the body…

It has to be somewhat manipulated using a technology most curcumin promoters, at worst know nothing about, or at best, know very little.

The story of Franco Cavaleri, a bodybuilder-turned-research scientist best illustrates this assertion.

Franco uncovered a hidden element in curcumin that targets inflammation in an entirely new way–a real game changer.

Back in the 1990s, Franco was an undergrad and a competitive bodybuilder. He had won several championships and was training for something bigger.

As a competitive athlete, he took many supplements, including huge amounts of curcumin…

Because it helped reduce muscle soreness and inflammation so he could train even harder. But at one point, there was a shortage of curcumin, so he stopped taking it.

Within a few weeks, he started feeling aches and pains in his muscles. He also had terrible pains in his stomach.

Well, Franco figured out and remembered taking huge amounts of curcumin, and wondered if there was a connection.

He began taking it again, and within weeks, he was back to training.

With his sneaky health problems subdued, one year later, he won the Mr. North America International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness championships in his weight category.

This feat inspired him to make nutrition his lifelong career…

And started working towards a PhD in Experimental Medicine. In particular, he wanted to know why curcumin helped his inflammatory condition so effectively.

As part of his work, Franco “mapped” the pharmacology of curcumin…

And discovered something amazing…

Franco discovered that curcumin actually comprises 3 separate compounds: Curcumin 1(diferuloymethane), curcumin 2 (desmethoxycurcumin), and curcumin 3 (bis-desmethoxycurcumin)…

And they don’t work the same way.

The curcumin supplements you buy mostly comprise curcumin 1 (70-80%) and curcumin 2 (12-20%). But they have only tiny amounts of curcumin 3 (0.5%-1.5%).

When Franco mapped the pharmacology of curcumin for his research, he found that these curcumin compounds fight inflammation in different ways.

Curcumin 1 & 2 inhibit a key trigger of inflammation called NF-kappaB. They inhibit this protein to relieve pain and inflammation.

And it’s true…

Dozens of studies show that ordinary curcumin can inhibit inflammatory proteins such as NF-kB and C-reactive Protein (CRP), along with enzymes such as COX and LOX.

But Franco discovered that curcumin 3 neutralizes an entirely different inflammatory protein called MSK1

And this protein is responsible for triggering pain and inflammation at the genetic level–way before NF-kB even gets into the picture!

In other words, curcumin 3 goes beyond dampening NF-kB to neutralizing MSK1, giving you an extra pain-relieving power.

The only problem is…

The curcumin supplements you see on the market have practically no curcumin 3 in them…

And that’s what Franco set out to change in his research.

He spent years researching, mapping, and concentrating this curcumin 3 until he found a way to concentrate it up from the measly 1% found in most supplements…

To an astonishing 30%–the highest level of curcumin 3 on the planet.

In addition, his unique, patented process enables him to “lock in” precise amounts of curcumin 1, 2, and 3 in every batch.

So just like other curcumin extracts, it dampens NF-kB to douse inflammation, but also squashes MSK1 to give you much more relief. And the results speak for themselves…

You may have known via other publications…

That curcumin is notoriously hard to absorb. That’s why many manufacturers use “liposomes” to encapsulate curcumin in fat bubbles, or they combine it with piperine–a form of black pepper to boost absorption.

But many consumers get stomach problems because of piperine.

Franco figured out how he could circumvent piperine and the fat molecules…

And upon experimenting with various natural compounds and properties, his light-bulb moment came…

And boom–the Grapefruit juice proved to be a better alternative.

You may have heard that you shouldn’t take some medications with grapefruit juice. That’s because compounds in grapefruit juice can make medications more concentrated.

The curcumin 3 properties work in a similar way, helping the curcumin formula to stay in your system longer to work its magic.

In fact, the curcumin 3 protects your liver from being damaged by toxins, and this is great news for people who use conventional treatments.

Not only that, Franco discovered another amazing thing when he concentrated curcumin 3 up to 30%. It sends the antioxidant value through the roof!

Ordinary curcumin has an antioxidant value of 9,500 as measured on the well-known ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) scale.

Blueberries have an ORAC value of 4,669. Cocoa has an ORAC value of 80, 933.

But this new curcumin 3 blows them all away. It has an ORAC value of 565, 000! That’s 59 times stronger than any curcumin you might have tried before…and one of the most powerful antioxidants on earth.

And why is high ORAC value important?

Well, first because this super-antioxidant can absolutely clobber free radicals in your body.

Free radical are rogue, poisonous molecules that can damage your cells, joints, and even your DNA. They emanate from pollutants in the environment, household toxins, and even via the natural breathing process.

And worse yet, free radicals weaken your immune system.

So, having a super-power antioxidant with an ORAC value of 565, 000 could be one of the best things you can do for your immune system.

Franco also found this super-high antioxidant protects curcumin as it travels through your system, enabling more of it to enter your bloodstream and fight inflammation.

To fortify the formula and give you the best, Franco added quercetin, a natural compound found in onions and apples.

Quercetin is a powerful anti-inflammatory in its own right. Like curcumin, it blocks inflammatory chemicals such as NF-kappaB, cyclooxygenase (COX), and Lipooxygenase (LOX).

Better yet, research shows quercetin can boost the effectiveness of curcumin by a staggering 147%.

Again, quercetin improves your ability to exercise.

In one study, people who took quercetin for just 7 days improved their endurance by 13%. And these were ordinary folks, not athletes! That is great news for people who want to exercise more.

If you’ve ever tried curcumin before, or any other joint pain formula, and you ended up being disappointed with the results…

Then you owe it to yourself to try new CuraMed soft gels.

Beyond inflammation-fighting power, CuraMed offers many other anti-inflammation related health benefits:

  • Protects your heart–studies show curcumin can help maintain healthy cholesterol levels, thereby protecting your heart
  • Sharpens your memory and thinking– a UCLA study shows curcumin strengthens the nerve networks in your brain that are vital to learning and memory. This wards off age-related memory loss
  • Strengthens your cartilage–curcumin inhibits the breakdown of cartilage by protecting the cells found in it–the chondrocytes–from inflammatory compounds.
  • Improves your digestion–curcumin has been shown to strengthen your stomach lining, helping to improve your digestion.
  • Boosts your immune system–the nutrients in CuraMed have been shown to ramp up your immune response, which is good news for the elderly who may have a weaker immune system
  • Brightens your moods–curcumin has been shown to lift blue moods by boosting your brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF)

Inflammation has been linked to so many health problems, and CuraMed can virtually penetrate every part of your body.

Imagine what faster relief from pain and inflammation can mean for you!

If you suffer from persistent joint or muscle pains or stiffness, or other inflammatory problems like stomach upsets…CuraMed can be a game-changer for you!

No more slow-down as you climb the stairs…

No more sudden jabs of pain when you get out of bed in the morning…

No more limping along next to your spouse or partner…and worrying if people are getting frustrated with you, or even worse, pitying you…

Maybe you like to play golf or tennis without your friends asking, “Are you alright?”

Maybe you’re a “weekend warrior” who tends to overdo it a bit with exercise, sports, or yard work, and would like to bounce back faster than ever…

Maybe you’d like to enjoy long walks, shopping expeditions, travel, playing with your grand-kids…you won’t even have to think about your joints!

It’s all possible with CuraMed

Because it passes a real pain-relieving punch–a giant leap forward in natural pain relief.

And how do you lay your hands on this formula?

Calm your nerves…because you’re not required to do much!

You only need to follow this link: https://amzn.to/2QTR2bE

To try CuraMed risk-free…

Because you’re covered by 100% feel-the-difference, or money-back guarantee

Such that, if you’re not delighted with your results for any reason, just return it within 90 days for a full refund of every penny you invest.

The service team at EuroPharma will be more than glad to handle to handle your return request…

But please take note…

CuraMed has a time-honored track record of non-return thus far…

And I doubt if you’ll be lucky to break this rock-solid tradition!

So, rest assured, you’ll not get into the hassle of product-return process…

Instead, you’d curse not having discovered it sooner!

Have no cobwebs in your mind as you secure your initial supply of CuraMed.

Go ahead and book your ticket to a youthful, rejuvenated “you” and turn the biological clock back!

To your enviable health!

And when you’re overjoyed with the stunning health gains you reap from CuraMed…

Do one more thing…

Remember your friends and loved ones…

Who could be languishing in similar health predicaments. Share the great news with them…so they can as well as rejoice!

The phrase “Thank You” is a weak expression of my gratitude for your time, readership and/or listenership.

Stay tuned for more.

Publisher’s Note

This article is for educational purposes, and does not purport to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. Always consult with your professional healthcare giver.

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